Comfort and joy: The 2023 Radiant Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that time again! We are as excited as ever to bring you another list of our favorite Catholic business finds for your Christmas shopping. These shop owners and creators uniquely and beautifully channel God’s particular gifting in each of them, bringing about amazing products that are sure to bring some cheer this season.

Use your Christmas shopping as a way to bring truth, beauty and goodness to your families and friends, all while supporting these Catholic small businesses. Check out their websites for even more amazing finds, share what you like on social media to spread the word about these awesome businesses, and enjoy filling your carts with products you can really feel good about buying.

We hope you enjoy the 2023 Radiant Christmas Gift Guide!


Home Goods

Auspice Maria navy blue platter from OutrageousMom
Laura and her business, OutrageousMom, was founded to honor Mary as our miraculous mom and to promote placing ourselves in the arms of Mary, protector of all believers. You can check out her Etsy shop for beautiful platters, scarves, dolls and much more!
Pride: $48
Code: RADIANT10 for 10% off

Marian Advent print from Nicole Lanthier
Price: from $18
Code: RADIANT10 for 10% off entire purchase

Victory dinner napkins from Lovely Lady Linens
Price: $42
Code: Radiant10 for 10% off

Everlasting dried flower wreath from FLOWERnFIELD
Price: $65
Code: RADIANT10 for 10% off through Dec. 25, 2023

Mama + Me harvest basket from the Village Green
Price: from $34.99
Code: SHIPHOME for free shipping on first order

To nourish

To Nourish

Raw cane sugar scrub from Pampered Life
Sarah makes everything in her home using clean, natural ingredients and formulates all of her products. She is a big believer in knowing what every ingredient is in the products that she puts on her skin and hair, so you will always find a full list of ingredients on each product description. She received her formulation training from the School of Natural Skincare and is still continuing her education with them. Check out her website for all of her amazing products!
Price: $21.99
Code: HAPPYSKIN for 10% off

St. Therese bath salts from Oremus Homegoods
Price: from $6.70
Code: RADIANT15 for 15% off

Guadalupe K-cups from Guadalupe Roastery
Price: $16.50
Code: radiant10 for 10% off

Our Lady of Guadalupe rose soap from JoyfulMamaJoyfulBaby
Price: $8
Code: GIVEJOY10 for 10% off sitewide through Dec. 31, 2023

Martin family box from Sacred Heart Tea
Price: $22.99
Code: CLAIRECOLLINS for 10% off

For kids

For Kids

Vestment fridge magnet play set from Vidua Fidelis
Carina of Vidua Fidelis is no stranger to grief- having lost five babies in miscarriages and her husband within a ten month span. She is just a Catholic mom and widow trying to bring beauty and understanding into the world while striving to become a saint. Check out her website for many beautiful Catholic items, kids activities, and more!
Price: $24.99

The Matchy Mass card set from Popery
Price: $12.99
Code: 20% off with RADIANT20

Wooden Mass kit play set from Shining Light Dolls
Price: $64.99
Code: Radiant10 for 10% off through Jan. 6, 2024 (cannot be combined with other sales)

Ancilla Domini girl’s apron from Abundance of Grace Prints
Price: $28
Code: RADIANT23 for 10% off through Dec. 15, 2023

“Saintly Creatures” with free stuffed animal by Alexi Sargeant from Word on Fire
Price: $24.95

For Men

For Men

St. Joseph pocket square from Litany NYC
Veronica of Litany NYC sat down to design this collection and was drawn to a letter from St. Catherine of Siena where she describes the Incarnation: “We image your divinity, but you image our humanity in that union of the two which you have worked in a man.” That union of two. She imagined fabric being folded over and a needle piercing two places at once, just as Jesus’s divinity and humanity are unified; just as the fabric of time is folded over and Jesus, nailed to the tree of life, redeems Eden on Calvary. Check out all of her amazing pieces on her website.
Price: $35

Men’s beard oil from Rooted for Good
Price: $20
Code: Radiant10 for 10% off

Bourbon lip balm from Little Flower Soap Co.
Price: $5
Code: RADIANT10 for 10% off

“Model of Workmen” print from Garden of Her Womb
Price: from $10
Code: RADIANT10 for 10% off

“Food for the Soul” set by Dr. Peter Kreeft from Word on Fire
Price: $99.95

Catholic items

Catholic items

Cardinal Magnificat cover from OréMoose
OréMoose products are completely handmade and American made. Based in Mankato, Minnesota, their products are high quality premium leather goods and make great Christmas, birthday or sacramental celebration gifts. Every single item is a work of art that is beautiful, durable and meaningful. Check out our website for more stunning products.
Price: from $60
Code: RADIANTMOOSE for 10% off

Memorare: Pocket PrayerFulls prayer card from Sercel Shop
Price: $2.95
Code: Radiant25 for 25% off all Pocket PrayerFulls

Miraculous Medal rosary from Catholic Woodworker
Price: $75
Code: RadiantCW10 for 10% off

Miraculous Medal and crucifix necklace from The Little Catholic
Price: from $44
Code: Radiant10 for 10% off

“Mother Love: A Manual For Christian Mothers” from Mother & Home Market
Price: $25

To wear

To Wear

Guadalupe studs from 12th & Blossom
Mary Claire of 12th & Blossom has been a creator her whole life. But after leaving an abusive marriage and depending more on her faith, she started to claim it as her own. Her son’s birth on Dec. 12 was pivotal in her decision to start a new life. You could say that on the 12th, she began to blossom. Check out her website for all of her beautiful creations!
Price: $14
Code: RADIANT12 for 15% off through Dec. 31, 2023

Ven. Fulton Sheen crewneck sweatshirt from The Cana House
Price: $29.00
Code: Radiant10 for 10% off your purchase

Opal crown ring from Telos Art Shop
Price: $32
Code: RADIANT10 for 10% off

Marian hat from Saintwave Apparel
Price: $36.99
Code: RADIANT15 for 15% off everything (excluding stickers)

Our Lady belt bag from Be a Heart
Price: $45.99

To read

To Read

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“Way of Beauty: Rekindling Eucharistic Amazement through Visio Divina” by Jem Sullivan, Ph.D. from OSV
We are created for beauty, the visible form of truth and goodness. And what better way to highlight the beauty of our faith in your home than through this beautiful, full color book featuring 12 amazing masterpieces of Eucharistic art. It would be perfect as a coffee table book to wow your guests and encourage you in quiet meditation in the busy moments of your day.
Price: $18.95

“How the Saints Shaped History” by Randall Petrides from OSV
Price: $27.95

“Intentional Catholic Family:Creating Your Growth Plan For a Purpose Filled Year” by Julianne M. Will from OSV
Price: $19.95

“Becoming Wife: Saying Yes to More Than the Dress” by Rachel Bulman from OSV
Price: $15.95

“Simply Love: Catholic Marriage Day by Day” by Troy and Kathleen Billings from OSV
Price: $18.95

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