Some ‘holly jolly’ shopping: The 2022 Radiant Christmas Gift Guide

’Tis the season … to support your favorite Catholic small businesses!

Every year, I love exploring the many incredible Catholic-owned businesses and shops in order to craft this gift guide. From specifically Catholic items, to products made to serve the good, true and beautiful in every part of life, it’s reassuring to see the ways Christ is being brought to a world so desperately in need of him.

Maybe you already have inboxes and feeds bombarded with gift guides and curated lists. This can be overwhelming. However, it doesn’t need to be! Instead of feeling the pressure of finding the “perfect gift,” see your gift giving as a way to both love those around you and help build up the Body of Christ by supporting Catholic businesses.

We hope this guide is a tool for you to do just that. So without further ado, may I present the 2022 Radiant Christmas Gift Guide!

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To nourish

To nourish

Soak, Scrub and Soap gift set from Rooted for Good
Rooted for Good seeks to bring goodness, truth and real beauty to skincare through all natural ingredients and affordable prices. Their products are free of harmful chemicals and made in small batches to give their customers the best quality possible. They also donate a portion of their profits to people in developing countries.
Price: $49
Code: Radiant15 for 15% off all products

St. Francis of Assisi tea from Sacred Heart Tea
Price: from $2.99

The Ember Collective journal from The Ember Collective
Price: $25
Code: RADIANT for 10% off (subscriptions excluded)

Liquid hand soap and lotion set from The Little Flower Soap Company
Price: $21.99
Code: GREATGIFTS20 for 20% off

Cookie molds from Mother and Home Market
Price: from $18
Code: RADIANT10 for 10% off (sitewide) and free shipping over $150

Home goods

Home goods

Evergreen pine stems Christmas stocking from Ernie and Irene
Holly Guertin, a Savannah College of Art and Design grad, has a passion for handmade items and tactile work. She has an impressive resume of companies for which she has done design work. Her stockings are inspired by “visio divina,’” and not only spark conversation but also lead you into your own meditation and reflection. Other stocking prints include candy canes and angel wings.
Price: $38 (order by Nov. 21 in time for Christmas)

Flower Frog from The Village Green
Price: $22
Code: WELCOME10 for 10% off

Gifts for a King candle from CORDA candles
Price: $22.50
Code: RADIANT15 for 15% off (through Nov. 23)

O Antiphons print set from Studio Senn
Price: $25
Code: GIFTGUIDE22 for 15% off (sitewide)

Vintage book storage boxes from House of Joppa
Price: $34
Code: RADIANT15 for 15% off (through end of 2022)

Joseph and Mary mug from The Cradle Catholic
Price: from $15
Code: advent15 for 15% off (all products)


Childrens items

Mother of All Mothers print by Colors By Natalie
Natalie, a wife, mom of three, and incredibly talented artist, found her passion after a college job and commission for a friend turned into a thriving business on Instagram. She has this to say about her piece, “Mother of All Mothers”: “In a world full of mothers with children on this side of heaven and some in heaven itself, it’s hard to feel certain that we’re doing this whole motherhood thing right. But, if there is one sure thing that gives my mama heart peace and reminds me that I can do this, it’s this: The Mother of all Mothers, Mary most perfect and holy, the mother of Jesus who loved without sin, walks with me through this journey.”
Price: from $35

Catholic Mass quiet book from The Little Rose Shop
Price: $38
Code: OSV for 10% off (through end of 2022)

Noah’s Ark bath toys from Be a Heart
Price: $35.99
Code: RADIANT for 10% (until Christmas 2022)

Children’s kitchen utensil set from Theology of Home
Price: $22
Code: RADIANT15 for 15% off

Catholic saints wooden magnet set from Shining Light Dolls
Price: $19.99
Code: Radiant15 for 15% off

Clothing and jewelry

clothing and jewelry

Mustard leaf dress from J&A Threads
Jamie strives to bring beauty and femininity through every item in her shop. Inspired by working in small shops and boutiques, Jamie’s husband helped her make her dream of having her own store a reality by opening J&A Threads. The Mustard Leaf Dress is the perfect dress for every fall occasion! Browse her selection of dresses perfect for Christmas, such as the Amanda Dress and the Daphne Dress.
Price: $54
Code: radiant10 for 10% off

The Ellie handmade polymer clay earrings from StyleByKiersten
Price: $21

Gold cross choker from Be Rooted Bead Co.
Price: from $35
Code: RADIANT for 15% off

Fiat floral garden tee from January Jane Shop
Price: $32

Single baroque pearl rosary bracelet from SundayBeadCo
Price: from $37.80
Code: SAVE15 for 15% off (through the end of 2022)

Catholic items

Christmas and Holidays

Most Chaste Heart of Joseph Milagros from Leanne Bowen
Leanne is a Catholic watercolor artist whose desire to create and make are stirred from the need she sees for our culture to be touched and healed by beauty. Her Milagros are based on a beautiful Mexican tradition of gifting small religious metals when someone is in need of spiritual or emotional healing. This one, inspired by St. Joseph, features symbolism that draws into his most chaste heart that loves Jesus and Our Lady.
Price: from $18.99
Code: RADIANT15 for 15% off

“A Year in the Word Catholic Bible Journal” by Meg Hunter-Kilmer
Price: $29.95
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Sacred Heart of Jesus print from Heart of IESVS
Price: from $16.98
Code: RADIANT15 for 15% off (all shop items through the end of 2022)

Our Lady of Guadalupe rosary from Outpouring of Trust
Price: from $28
Code: RADIANT20 for 20% off (through December 10th)

Chaplet of the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Grant Louvier
Price: $21.95

To read

to read

“With All Her Mind: A Call to the Intellectual Life” edited by Rachel Bulman
From Word on Fire: “This collection of essays, written by Catholic women of diverse backgrounds and vocations, is a call to pursue what is too often excluded from our picture of femininity: the intellectual life. Following Mary, the ‘Seat of Wisdom,’ who ‘treasured’ the words of the shepherds and ‘pondered them in her heart,’ With All Her Mind shows how the feminine genius involves both affectivity and active intellectual engagement.”
Price: $29.95
Code: 20% off (until Dec. 10 — no code needed)

“Awaken My Heart” by Emily Hussem
Price: $17.95
Code: RADIANT22 for 20% off and free shipping (for any of Emily’s books through end of 2022)

“A Garden Catechism: 100 Plants in Christian Tradition and How to Grow Them” by Margaret Rose Realy, Obl OSB Illustrated by Mary Sprague
Price: $34.95
Code: 25% off for Radiant newsletter subscribers. Check your latest email or sign up!

“Be Brave in the Scared” by Mary Lenaburg
Price: $15.95

“Reclaiming Motherhood from a Culture Gone Mad” by Samantha N. Stephenson
Price: $18.95

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